Innovation and development

The Institute has approved the capital increase of Euro 888,000.00 to allow the entry of new members that may contribute, with their financial and operational support, both in the resolution of the problems arisen out in the last decade of economic and legislative uncertainty and in the acceleration of the innovation and development of the Institute process.


The Stato-Regioni Agreement of 25.07.2012 has lengthened the duration of the professional academic courses of restoration from 2 to 3 years at unique cycle: a long-awaited decision that will allow us to have a structural and financial consolidation of the Institute. The new legislation that will lead to an  improvement of the professionalism in the field of cultural heritage, on the other hand will require an extraordinary economic commitment to renew spaces and laboratories in compliance with the provisions of the Ministerial Decree 87/2009 on minimum standards and research works of Superintendence notified artworks to be used for practice sessions of the enrolled students.


Thanks to its well renown reputation, the Institute collects from Italian and foreign entities and institutions an increasing number of requests for cooperation aimed at counseling in cultural heritage and at opening of schools and workshops. The recapitalization is essential for the identification and training of human resources to be employed for implementation in the short term of the international development projects.