Partnerships & International Projects

The list of the Institute’s Partners

ALF – Anna Lindh Foundation, Egypt

AIG – Associazione Italiana Gioventù, Italy

APPS – Associazione Partners Palazzo Strozzi, Italy (Honorary Member)

CITTA’ INFINITE – Associazione Tutela Beni Culturali, Italy

CSP – Consorzio Sviluppo Promozione, Italy

ELIA – European League of Institutes of the Arts, Netherlands

FAI – Fondo Ambiente Italiano, Italy

FME – Fondation au Mérite Européen, Luxembourg

ICFAD – International Council Fine Arts Deans, USA

SEMA – Société d’Encouragement aux Métiers d’Art, France

Thanks to its international activity, carried out through the management and the participation in many research and evaluation projects, also financed by the European Commission (Cultura2000, Eumedis, Euromed Heritage, Formites, Incomed, Info2000, Interreg, Leonardo, Life, Minerva, Raphael,  Scientific Framework, ENPI), the Institute has developed a wide partnership network which includes almost 1000 institutions coming from more than eighty international countries.

The membership at the ELIA (European League of Institutes of the Arts ) – whose members are 600 schools of art and restoration, 90% of public universities – offers new opportunities for participation in European projects . One of the seven members of the Executive Board of the ELIA is Dr. Emanuele Amodei . In 2016 the ELIA will organize the biennial conference in Florence of all international schools, creating new conditions for further development of European projects 2013-20 .


Since 1980 the Issuer has promoted and participated in dozens of technical and socio-cultural projects, sometimes funded by the Italian Ministries and foreign governments, in the following countries :

Albania, Algeria, Saudi Arabia , Argentina, Armenia , Australia, Austria , Brazil, Belgium, Bulgaria, Chile, China, Cyprus , Vatican City , Ivory Coast , South Korea , Croatia, Cuba , Denmark, Ecuador , Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Estonia , Ethiopia, Philippines , Finland, France , Germany, Japan , Jordan, Great Britain, Greece , Guatemala, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel , Kenya, Latvia , Libya, Lebanon , Lithuania, Luxembourg , Macedonia, Malaysia , Malta, Mexico, Morocco, Norway , Netherlands, Palestine , Paraguay, Peru , Poland, Portugal , Monaco , Czech Republic, the Republic of San Marino , Romania , Russia, Serbia , Singapore, Syria , Slovakia, Slovenia , Somalia, Spain, United States , Sweden, Switzerland , Tunisia, Turkey , Hungary, Uruguay , Venezuela.

Among the many projects made with Italian and foreign funds since 1996 , we focus  those ones related to both the creation of restoration workshops and specialized training of local technicians on site and / or at Florence .


• Albania , Tirana : paintings on canvas and wood panel , in collaboration with the Institute of World Heritage IMK .

• Argentina , Buenos Aires, paper artefacts , in collaboration with the National Library .

• Armenia , Gyumri : mural paintings of Minas Avetis , in collaboration with the local Government.

• Brazil , Belo Horizonte : wooden artworks and ceramic artefacts , in collaboration with the State Institute IEPHA .

• Brazil , Porto Alegre : gold and polychrome artworks , with funding from the Ministry of Labour.

• Brazil , Rio de Janeiro : paintings, with funding from the Ministry of Labour and the University Gama Filho .

• Cyprus , Pyrgos : archaeological finds, in collaboration with the mission of CNR.

• Croatia , Dubrovnik : paper, wood , metals , ceramics, in collaboration with the State University .

• Egypt, Aswan: archeological finds at the Museum of Nubia.

• Egypt, Alexandria: paper items at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina.

• Japan, Tokyo: paintings and paper, in collaboration with “L’Ambiente-Palazzo Spinelli”.

• Israel , Jerusalem: wooden artworks and and paper items , in cooperation with the U. Nahon Museum.

• Libya , Tripoli: archaeological finds, with funding from the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

• Russia , Pushkin: mosaics of precious stones of the Amber Room , in collaboration with the Russian government.

• Syria , Damascus: paintings, frescoes , wood, ceramics, in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture.

• Turkey , Istanbul: paintings, in collaboration with the Dolmabahce Palace and the Italian Foreign Ministry.

In 2014 the Institute has planned a number of projects in various countries (Algeria, Saudi Arabia , Brazil, Jordan , Libya, Poland , Qatar, Slovenia and Turkey) where there are established relationships with ministries and public and private universities.