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5-years courses for Restorer

Flores has recently received a positive answer by the Interministerial Accreditation  Commission for the launch of the project and the activation, in the Academic Year 2015-16, of a five year single cycle university course of Restoration of Frescoes and Stone Artefacts (PFP1).

More detailed information on the training activities: www.istitutobeniculturali.it

Restorer of Cultural Heritage (Five-Year Degree).

Pursuant to Ministerial Decree 86/2009 , art. 1, ” The restorer of movable cultural heritage and architectural decorated surfaces, subject to the protective provisions of the Code, is the professional technician that after defining the state of conservation is able to implement a complex series of direct and indirect actions in order to limit the processes of degradation of the constituent materials of the goods and ensure the preservation, safeguarding their cultural value . To this end, within the framework of a coherent and coordinated program of conservation, the restorer analyzes all the data relating to the artefacts constituent materials, the technique of execution and the state of conservation of the property and interprets them ; he is able to design and manage, the interventions of restoration, performing directly all the competent treatments and conservation actions; he manages and coordinates the other operators engaged in activities that complement the restoration project and the actions of research, testing and teaching in the field of conservation.