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Mission of Flores

Flores SpA aims to achieve a leading position in the educational sector at all levels, in Italy and abroad, in all the areas strictly related to the conservation, restoration, enhancement of the local and international cultural and artistic heritage, including through the acquisition of shares or control in other Italian and foreign companies.

The Company has the aim to perform the following activities:


Research and design of methodologies, strategies, products and services for the companies operating in the sectors of industry and craft, art, conservation and enhancement of Cultural Heritage. Design and implementation of initiatives, including complex events and common actions with national or international partnerships; public or private funded actions designed to enhance and promote the activities of the concerned companies.


Management of professional and university careers, including information technology, in all sectors, which are available to local and territorial enterprises which need to have common actions of support and research in any operating area, with particular attention to the cultural tourism industry and to the field of conservation and enhancement of Cultural Heritage as in the DM 86 and 87/2009.


Management of General Services, logistic, commercial, promotional, advertising, research, data processing and of all other kinds of services. Management and organization of courses, seminars, internships and workshops, sites, exhibitions, conferences, meetings and other events of any artistic, cultural, tourist and commercial sector.