Sep 30

The Ministerial Authorization for the project of University of Restoration “Flores”


Last July 15, 2014 the Technical Commission for the Accreditation of Degree Restoration Courses has expressed a positive opinion for the creation and the activation of the five-year course PFP1 (Restoration of frescoes and stone artefacts) by Flores.

Download the Technical Authorization

The activation of the first course is scheduled for the academic year 2015-16.

For more detailed information please visit the website

Jul 06

Conservator Restorer Training: the Italian Context

sanromano_exvoto_1_640x200As you know Italy has an historical and artistic heritage of extraordinary importance that, among other things, includes a network of almost  5000 between museums and archaeological sites and 50 sites declared by UNESCO as “outstanding universal value”. A wealth of monuments, churches and institutions, which is the highest testimony of Western culture and represents a tremendous economic resource for our country. It is estimated that there are more than 100 million of artworks in our country and that at least half of them is in need of a conservation and restoration treatment. Enhancing and making accessible these cultural assets involves a significant investment to maintain and preserve these sites, with the consequent need for professionals who can boast a quality education where the historical knowledge of art, and the humanities in general, find balance with technical and scientific skills and , of course, with high operational capabilities.


The system of training and education of restorers in Italy is currently ruled by the Ministerial Decree no. 86 of 26 May 2009 defining the profile of the restorer and of the other operators engaged in activities that complement the restoration and conservation of cultural heritage, pursuant to article no. 29 comma 7 of the Italian Code of Cultural Heritage and Landscape, Legislative Decree no. 42 of 22 January 2004.

The Ministerial Decree 86/2009 defines the following profiles:

Art. 1 – Restorer (five-year degree in one cycle)

Art. 2 – Technician in Restoration of Cultural Heritage and Collaborator Restorer (triennial diploma)

Art. 3 – Technicians with specific skills (annual and biennial diploma or adequate professional experience)

Art. 4 – Scientific experts (degree in chemistry, physics, biology, geology)

These technicians work in a team with a project designer (a graduate restorer) and a project manager (an architect or a conservator) under the supervision of the competent Superintendence.



The Ministerial Decree no. 294 of August 3, 2000 identifies the qualification requirements for the category of specialized artworks OS2 (ordinary and extraordinary maintenance and restoration of cultural heritage). This Decree stipulates that a company that employs more than 4 employees must operate with at least the 20% of restorers (degree), and the 40% of employees restorers (annual or triennial diploma or adequate professional experience).

The Restorer of Cultural Heritage (Five Year Degree).

Pursuant to Ministerial Decree 86/2009 , art. 1, ” The restorer of movable cultural heritage and architectural decorated surfaces, subject to the protective provisions of the Code, is the professional technician that after defining the state of conservation is able to implement a complex series of direct and indirect actions in order to limit the processes of degradation of the constituent materials of the goods and ensure the preservation, safeguarding their cultural value . To this end, within the framework of a coherent and coordinated program of conservation, the restorer analyzes all the data relating to the artefacts constituent materials, the technique of execution and the state of conservation of the property and interprets them ; he is able to design and manage, the interventions of restoration, performing directly all the competent treatments and conservation actions; he manages and coordinates the other operators engaged in activities that complement the restoration project and the actions of research, testing and teaching in the field of conservation.

The Collaborator Restorer (art. 2 of the DM 86/2009).

The Collaborator Restorer of movable cultural heritage and architectural decorated surfaces, is a professional technician  who works with the restorer performing, with autonomous decision-strictly relating  to his technical skills, certain direct and indirect actions in order to limit the processes of degradation of the constituent materials of the goods and ensure the preservation, safeguarding their cultural value, making the proper executions and treatments according to the methodological and operational protocols fixed under the direction and direct control of the restorer. He has the responsibility for the care of the working environment and equipment, he supervise the preparation of all the materials needed for the various programmed treatments, according to the methodological plan, previously drafted by the restorer.

Jul 03

The results of the Diploma exams June 214



The examinations of Qualified Technician (2nd year) and of Expert Technician (3rd year) of the courses of restoration of frescoes, paintings and ceramics were held in June from 23 to 30 at Palazzo Ridolfi. The exams were held in front of the regional commissions composed by our teachers, by the delegates of the Ministry of Labour and the representatives of the Province of Florence, Region of Tuscany, and local professional unions. The President thanks the General Secretariat, Mrs. Silvia Turks, who was assisted by Angela Degl’Innocenti and Kirill Tarasenko: with the help of the Director of the Institute, Dr. Lorenza Raspanti, who have been able to manage and take care in the best way of every aspect of the examinations.

Average marks and best marks for June 2014 exams

Restoration of Frescoes

2nd year (Qualified Technician): average 97/100.

3rd year (Expert Technician): average of 96/100.

Best score 99/100: Chiara Bernacchioni (2nd year) and Giulia Basetti, Silvia Basile, Sara Gurrado, Cecilia Martinelli (3rd year).

Restoration of Paintings

2nd year (Qualified Technician): average 94/100

3rd year (Expert Technician): average 80/100

Best score 96/100: Laura Ruggeri (2nd year) and Federico Cupolo (3rd year)

Restoration of Ceramics and Stone artefacts

3rd year (Expert Technician): average 99/100

Best score 99/100: Giovanni Rotondi (3rd year) 

The President and the Management of the Institute shall make the best congratulations to all graduating students.

As Regional Decree 252 of March 31, 2014, the next exams are not held in two times in three years, but at one time at the end of the three-year cycle (Technician of Restoration of Cultural Heritage).

Photo: Relief of the grout in the apse of the church of St. Pietro at Careggi in Florence

Jun 30

The new Regione Toscana organization of the courses of restoration



The Regione Toscana, through the resolution no. 252 of 31 March 2014 defined the new organization of the courses of restoration which from the two years plus the final additional one format are now structured to a three year at unique cycle format.

This decision, taken by all the Italian regions 5 years after the DM 89/2009, has finally settled all the disputes over the duration of the professional courses of Technician and Collaborator Technician, distinguishing it from single-cycle five-year university course which will grant the degree of Restorer.

We like to remember, by the way, the battles of the founder of Palazzo Spinelli that in the eighties led to the acknowledgment of the biennial courses of restoration and in 2002 to the acknowledgment of the two years plus the final additional one format.

Download the Resolution.

Feb 19

The ELIA delegates in Florence for the 2016 Conference


On 29 and 30 January the President of the ELIA, Carla Delfos, accompanied by Emanuele Amodei, visited our city for a first approach to the sites where in 2016 will take place a great international meeting of the academies and universities of art and restoration coming from all over the world. On the occasion the ELIA delegates had some meetings with some organizations included as sponsor in the event which will be co-ordinated by Palazzo Spinelli. Among them: the City of Florence, the Province of Florence, the Regione Toscana, the Academy of Fine Arts of Florence, the Conservatorio Luigi Cherubini, the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation, Polimoda, Teatro della Pergola, the Accademia Musicale in Florence, the Foundation Fabbrica Europa, the Istituto Europeo of Design, the Istituto Lorenzo de ‘Medici, Le Arti Orafe.

Feb 19

To be opened by Flores the Calls for Lecturers Recruitment


Starting from today it will possible to submit the applications for teaching both in the free coirses and in the academic courses.
Lecturers of the extracurricular free courses: go to dedicated page, see the Announcement and simply send the application form in Pdf format.
Lecturers of Five-Year Degree Courses: go to the dedicated page, see the Announcement and ask for the application in Word format to the Administration Department.

Feb 19

Call for Applications for the Entrance Exams for the Five-Year Degree Course


It was published the Call for Applications for the Entrance Exams for the classes of the year 2015-16. Interested students are required to see the Announcement 2015-16 (a unique document for the first, second, third and fourth classes) and the Regulations of the School. To see, without any commitment, the Administrative Regulations 2015-16 which includes the current tuition fees, applicants are requested to submit the appropriate online form to the Direction of the School.

Dec 19

Season’s Greetings


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our friends of Mulmlife International and Investing in Cultural Heritage!

Dec 19

Palazzo Spinelli in Albania


Dr. Emanuele Amodei has just returned from Tirana where he had some meetings with the local Vice President of the Government and with the directors of the Ministry of Culture, to whom he presented the school that was opened by Palazzo Spinelli in the Albanian capital, in Piazza Frederik Shopen, 70. The director of the school Dr. Arben Shkodra, outlined the program of courses and cultural activities of 2015, regarding both art conservation and restoration sector. Palazzo Spinelli Albania, as well as participate in infrastructural redevelopment of the historic centers of Tirana, Berat and other cities, will offer some vocational training courses and two annual Masters of Organization of Cultural Event and Management of the Artistic Heritage.

Dec 03

Palazzo Spinelli in Saudi Arabia

arabia_abha_confer_ema_14.12.03_640From December 1 to 5 dr. Emanuele Amodei is in Saudi Arabia to take part in the fourth National Built Heritage Forum on personal invitation of Prince Faisal bin Khalid bin Abdulaziz. The event, which takes place in the city of Abha, province of Asir, with the participation of all the cultural authorities of the country and all the ministers and directors of University of the Arab countries. Dr. Amodei, who met in Florence several important politicians and cultural Saudis invited by the Florence Art and Restoration Fair from 13 to 15 November 2014, spoke Wednesday, December 3 with a report entitled “Handicraft Vocational Training in Built Heritage”. In 2015 it was planned a publication that also includes a report of Palazzo Spinelli on the development prospects of training in restoration in Saudi Arabia.

Nov 29



avm_logocolori_640x200Art, design, crafts and contemporary culture in Via Maggio at the fourth edition of Contemporaneamente, opening December 4 at 6 p.m., up to 24 December. Highlights the event of December 15, 16 hours at the Aula Magna of Palazzo Ridolfi, Via Maggio 13, entitled DIAGNOSTICS AND RESTORATION OF CONTEMPORARY ART WORKS. WHICH TOOLS AND CRITERIA TO USE? The meeting is organized by Art-Test-Florence in collaboration with Palazzo Spinelli, LABEC, University of Florence and INFN. Coordinator: Emanuela Massa, Art-Test-Florence. Download the complete program of the event at the Webpage:


Nov 27

Flores at the Florence Art and Restoration Fair

flores_nuovisoci_campagna_adesioni fotopostsaloneSaturday, November 15, 2014 the University Flores has been presented to the great audience of the Florence Art and Restoration Fair. The director Ester Calabrò explained the curriculum of the Professional Training Program PFP1 of Restorer (Stone artefacts and Frescoes), five-year degree approved by the Interministerial Commission MIBACT / Ministry of Education on July 15, 2014. The architect Paolo Pieri Nerli then presented the organization of the seat, the laboratories and the equipment. The President Francesco Amodei ended the presentation showing the various types of investment in Flores and inviting stakeholders to explore the Website in order to examine all the opportunities for collaboration. Please Join Flores!

Nov 11

Flores at the Florence Art and Restoration Fair



The 4th edition of the Florence Art and Restoration Fair (Fortezza da Basso, 13 – 15 November 2014) will have the participation of Flores which will present the PFP1 training for Restorer (stone materials and derivatives; decorated surfaces of architecture), approved last July 15 2014 by the Inter-Ministerial Technical Commission for preliminary activities aimed at educational institutions for accreditation and supervision on the teaching of restoration, according to the Ministerial Decree 87/2009.

It will be illustrated the features of the five-year course starting in 2015-16: syllabus, lecturers, seat and laboratories, agreementss with Superintendents and other institutions. It will also be presented the complementary activities that Flores is activating in favor of the companies in the sector (research, methodologies, strategies, products, projects funded, marketing and promotional services).

The presentation of the course will take place Saturday, November 15, Edwards Hall, from 13:30 to 14:30.

Please visit the Website of the exhibition.



Oct 24

Mission in Minas Gerais

brasile_ema_sousa_640x200Dal 12 al 20 di ottobre 2014, il Direttore Dr. Emanuele Amodei ed il Presidente del Consorzio, dr Federico Federici, sono stati in Brasile per la definizione di accordi bilaterali tesi a sviluppare attività di promozione per le aziende aderenti al consorzio. Tali attività sono suddivise in due momenti importanti: il primo sarà durante il prossimo Salone dell’Arte e del Restauro di Firenze, che si terrà alla Fortezza da Basso dal 13 al 15 novembre 2014 e vedrà impegnata una delegazione di esperti e rappresentanti istituzionali brasiliani che saranno presenti allo stand CSP per incontrare le aziende italiane; il secondo momento si realizzerà a Belo Horizonte, a fine dicembre dove le aziende italiane incontreranno gli operatori brasiliani al fine di stipulare degli accordi di cooperazione per svolgere attività di conservazione e restauro. E’ prevista la sigla di un memorandum of understanding fra le parti.

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